WASHINGTON, DC. (THECOUNT) — If you’re a cord cutter interested in watching Robert Mueller testify live before Congress, you may have noticed that these days C-SPAN requires a cable subscription in order to video their live online streams.

We did some research and learned C-SPAN will be airing the highly anticipated Mueller hearing free on Youtube. We’ve embedded the live video below.


Here’s what C-Span says about the introduction of a needed cable subscription:

For the highest quality video, real-time online access to the actual TV network feeds of C‑SPAN, C‑SPAN2, and C‑SPAN3 is available to verified customers of C‑SPAN’s cable and satellite affiliates. A simple sign-in on the “TV Networks” page of C‑SPAN.org with your cable or satellite company credentials is all that’s needed to watch any of our three TV channels in real time. (This process is similar to what’s now required to access most other “TV Everywhere” programs or channels.)

Livestreams of all federal government events covered by C‑SPAN will continue to be available online with easy access from our home page to all visitors–no sign-in necessary. Watch live (or on demand) all House and Senate debates, committee hearings, events from the executive branch, the courts, and election coverage–plus C‑SPAN’s signature, viewer-interactive, interview program Washington Journal–via C‑SPAN.org’s easy-to-spot highlighted area, “Congress, White House & the Courts,” on our homepage.

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