MONROE COUNTY, KY. (THECOUNT) — Monroe County, Kentucky officials, are saying they don’t know exactly what killed three horses and two dogs found in the Bill Butler Spur area Sunday, but what they are saying is that they believe they were killed by another “large animal.”

Officials from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office say they responded to a call Sunday of dead animals on a property in the Bill Butler Spur area.


When they arrived on-scene, they found three horses, a pit bull and a husky dead.

Officials reportedly determined that another animal had to be responsible for the killings as large portions of the dead animals appeared to have be eaten.

Officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife believe these animals may have been killed by a large animal, stating it could be a large cat that is responsible. Officials believe this incident likely happened in the early morning hours Sunday.

The rare occurrence has caused the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife to summons their Diagnostics Team to take over the investigation of the grisly incident.

Officials from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Diagnostics Team are on their way from Frankfort to examine the animals. source

Authorities encourage everyone in the community to keep a close eye on children and animals if they go outdoors.