The Bath Township Police Department in Michigan says it’s “testing” new graphics for officers’ cruisers that replaces “POLICE” with “POPO.”

According to, Popo is slang for “police.” Originally coined by Southern California Asian gangs, now nationwide and thought to be of African-American derivation. Urban Dictionary says the term was derived from beach bike officer’s shirts, which read PO for “police officer.” Popo is also “grandmother” in Chinese American slang.


Bath Township official said in a Facebook post that the new skins are an effort to “connect with younger members of the community.” source

The post says the change is made in the “hope” that it’ll be more relatable to local youths.

After making the post on April 28, it has been shared more than 2,000 times and has more than 500 comments.

The department later claimed the photo was just a “joke” meant to have some fun on the weekend.

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