Police are now saying that a 31-year-old woman found zip tied and injured inside a small, neighborhood dumpster in Vail, Colorado Tuesday morning, may have put herself there.

After looking into the case, investigators claim the woman found inside a dumpster during freezing conditions, most likely did it to herself. The dumpster is utilized by residents of the Lions Mane II condos.


A man out walking his dog contacted 911 after discovering the woman in a dumpster with various injuries and zip ties around her wrists.

“We got out there, she was conscious and breathing, had a little difficult time talking because she was really cold,” Vail police Sgt. Luke Causey said. “She had some zip ties that were around her hands and feet. She managed to free herself from a few of those. She did still have some around her wrists and ankles and some light marks around her wrists,” Causey said.source

Investigators said she didn’t provide them much information about what happened to her but stated that police have no reason to believe anyone else put the woman in the dumpster.

The woman’s name has not been released and police say they are working to confirm their suspicions. They have not indicated what would have motivated the woman’s actions.