David P. Kielbowick Jr., an award winning science teacher at James River High School in Chesterfield VA., is under arrest, charged with sexually assaulting and producing child pornography involving a girl related to him.

In 2005, Kielbowick, 53, was awarded the coveted “NAGT Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award,” recognising excellence in science. He also wrote a passage in the Alumni News from the IUP Geoscience Department GEO-TIDINGS in 2001:


David Kielbowick ‘88 New update from the ultimate oceanography student (my grades were always below sea level). Went to teach a military seminar in Vilnius Lithuania in November. I received a nice letter of appreciation through the American Embassy in Lithuania. Then off to Germany on the 26th of March…biggest deployment of Pennsylvania guard troop since the Korean War for a big computer wargame exercise called Warfighter. By the way my father (an IUP grad of about 1964) came out of retirement to handle my classes for three weeks. Also, I wanted to let everyone know that even us sub-oceanographic students can bring honor to the Geoscience Department. David Kielbowick Jr. was named Teacher of the Month for May 1999 at L.C. Bird High School of Chesterfield County Virginia. The prinicipal [sic] Joe Tylus cited me for (among other things) leading the school in use of the internet in research, utilizing on-line testing & quizzing and establishing an earthscience web site designed by and for students(check it out at www.earthscience.homepad.com.) I am also currently working on a pilot program for a pre-engineering specialty center at my high school. For this year I am trying to have a monthly chat feature where students would meet in my chat room and have guest scientists join us for question and answer and discussion of the world around us. If any one [sic] is interested in participating please let me know. Any earth science grads looking for a teaching job, please contact me, and I also hope to hear from old friends and others interested in keeping up to date. Thank You IUP..even though my grades did not suggest as much…I did learn a lot from the Department. The memory of Pappy and his antics live on thru me. I am a better teacher for it.

Chesterfield County Public Schools released a response:

“These are very serious charges. The employee has been removed from and is not currently working in our schools. The school division continues to work with Chesterfield Police regarding their investigation.”

Officers say they currently are not aware of any other victims in this case.

Kielbowick was charged on Wednesday with rape, two counts or object sexual penetration, two counts of aggravated sexual battery, two counts of indecent liberties with a child by a custodian, and three counts of producing child pornography. of Chesterfield, is currently being held at the Chesterfield County Jail without bond.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.