A promotion on Facebook claimed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was “jailed in prison” for a product known as Alpha Fuel XT. But before you rush on social media, read on..

Besides the claim that Johnson has been arrested, the promotion has caused many to seek out Alpha Fuel XT. Apparently, it was nothing more than a scam using shock advertising to get gullible folks to buy a product.


the rock wwe arrested

According to the articles, Dwayne Johnson’s responses to importing HGH is “not a complete denial” Upon further detail in the articles, the denial is that Johnson did not import HGH, but he did import in a supplement known as Alpha, a advanced testosterone booster. the rock dog mushroomThe articles than report that Johnson may have jeopardized his career in acting because networks are pushing to ban Alpha due to two reasons. The first is the product is “clinically proven” to boost muscle mass by 150 percent causing an aging movie star like Johnson to go longer in move sequels but push his body’s limits. The second is the supplements do not have to be used in conjunction with a gym workout causing an epidemic of actors competing for roles requiring strength. h/t inquisitr

Dwayne Johnson arrested

The articles even go as far as to say the staff at either Rolling Stone or ESPN did an in-house study on themselves and were shocked with the satisfying results. The “author” of the article — named Ryan Hasman in the ESPN article — claims he lost 14 pounds of body fat and gained 16 pounds back in muscle in just one month.