The day and age of being politically correct has hit ridiculous new heights after a woman using ride sharing service, LYFT, objected to the driver displaying a hula girl bobble on his dash.

According to passenger, Annaliese Nielsen, those dashboard dancing dolls are extremely offensive because they insult the memory of “the pillaging of the continent of Hawaii.”


Annaliese Nielsen hula girl lyft woman

This aspiring Social Justice Warrior recorded her Lyft ride and her 5-minute, possibly drunken, verbal barrage on her driver. In the video, you can hear her telling the driver that the video is going to go all over Gawker and that he is going to go down as a racist. In a beautiful twist of justice, Nielsen has actually been taking the hit all over social media. She has already deleted her Twitter account due to the trolling she’s endured. h/t kfiam640

Annaliese Nielsen hula girl lyft

Even better than her comments were her response to the criticism on social media.

Annaliese Nielsen hula girl lyft twitter