Talk about an unflattering photo! The following snap of Cowboys QB, Tony Romo, while working out on the practice field at Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif., has got a lot fans asking, “what the hell has the quarterback been eating on the off-season?” Or better yet, “is there anything he didn’t eat?”

On Saturday, the fat (not so phat) photo went viral and led to concern from some fans that the quarterback is grossly overweight, ya think?


tony romo weight gain 2016

Photographers and other media members took pictures and video of Romo and other Cowboys running onto the field Saturday. It’s one particular photo of Romo that led to concerns from fans that the quarterback is overweight. Rather, it led to tons of mocking. h/t larrybrownsports

tony romo weight gain 2016

Predictably, fat jokes are being posted at a furious pace by folks on social media.