The Stone Temple Pilots may have a new lead singer in the ex-frontman for Creed, Scott Stapp.

STP has been on the hunt to replace the late Scott Weiland, and after a short stint with Linkin’ Park singer, Chester Bennington, it looks like like the boys have settled on Stapp.


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The band recently held an open audition, and it looks like they’ve now found their man. Not only that, but he shares the same first name as STP’s founding frontman, and has experience fronting his own popular rock band. Yep, apparently Scott Stapp is the new singer of Stone Temple Pilots. During an appearance on Atlanta radio program Bailey and Southside on Monday morning, the Creed frontman teased his new gig. “I’ve been working on a new album with a new group of guys,” Stapp said. “Guys from some pretty well-known rock bands that you guys will know.” “This other band I’m jamming with is its own band with its own band name,” Stapp added. “I can’t really share the details about it, but there’s a lot of good things going on that I can’t tell you till later in June when we’ll be making the announcement.” When one of the show’s hosts responded, “Hold on for a second, did you get the gig for STP?”, Stapp said, “I can’t say man, I can’t say … I can’t confirm or deny.” Further pressed, Stapp added, “I will tell you this, there is a 6 degree separation connection between this new project and the band you mentioned.” One of the show’s host responded, “Is it the tour bus? Because Weiland actually died on the tour bus you used to tour on,” to which Stapp replied, “Dude you are just on point aren’t you?” As Alternative Nation points out, Bailey and Southside were the same program to break news of Axl Rose joining Guns N’ Roses. It’s also true that Stapp toured in the same bus used by Weiland at the time of his death. h/t consequenceofsound

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Representatives for STP and Stapp have not officially commented on the rumor.