REPORT: Creed Singer Scott Stapp To Replace Scott Weiland in STP

The Stone Temple Pilots may have a new lead singer in the ex-frontman for Creed, Scott Stapp.

STP has been on the hunt to replace the late Scott Weiland, and after a short stint with Linkin’ Park singer, Chester Bennington, it looks like like the boys have settled on Stapp.

CREED Singer Scott Stapp 3

The band recently held an open audition, and it looks like they’ve now found their man. Continue reading

Teen Arrested Over Murder Of Dominos Driver

Police have arrested a 17-year-old and charged him with the murder of Domino’s Pizza delivery driver, Najeh Masaeid.

Cops say Corey Arrington murdered driver Masaeid, 63, in cold blood after he was making a pizza delivery to a Birmingham apartment complex.

Corey Arrington dominos murder

Police say they have arrested and charged Arrington as an adult with capital murder in Masaeid’s death. Continue reading

Show-and-Tell Bad Mama Crack Pipe Version

SWEET SPRINGS, Mo. –– Kindergarten is a jungle.  A little kid pulled out a crack pipe and $3,700 worth of crack rocks during a show-and-tell at a northwest Missouri elementary school.

Sometime after the incident the boy’s mom was arrested and charged with two class C felonies: possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child. Each charge could get the bad mom up to seven years in the slammer and a $5,000 fine.