On the heels of the deadly terrorist attack in Brussels, singer Justin Bieber has announced he is, effective immediately, canceling all of his tour meet and greets packages. A one-on-one with the popstar goes from between $900 to $2,000.

Bieber commented on social media that the reason for the cancellations and moratorium of future meet and greets was over the fact that the events left him feeling “drained and unhappy,” but now the real reason has surfaced and is said to be more motivated by a tour related security issue, where a crazed fan somehow got past security and within 10 feet of the “Baby” singer Monday night.



“Effective immediately, the group meetings will consist of Justin jumping on a stage and talking to his fans, without 1-on-1 interaction.” A scary moment occurred at a Justin Bieber concert Monday night, when an obsessed and potentially dangerous fan got within 10 feet of him during a meet and greet, and it’s triggered a big change in his interaction with concertgoers. Sources familiar with the situation tell us, the fan in question was on the “watch list” of Justin’s security. Justin wasn’t aware the fan was so close, but security became alarmed when they noticed her and removed her from the area. We’re told this was the last straw in an increasing problem Bieber’s team has had in managing the number of people who wanted special access to the singer before and after the concert. Up to now, around 20 people purchased 1-on-1 packages, and up to 200 others paid to meet Justin in groups. h/t tmz

Justin will perform what could be one of his last 1-on-1’s at his Vegas concert Friday. Security is said to be rethinking these individual meet and greets for the balance of the tour.

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People who have already purchased special concert access received emails offering them refunds.