How cool is this? A new faucet that uses a digital microscope to literally show you the germs on your hands so you can more effectively wash them away.

The innovative ‘Clean Clear’ sink faucet implements a magnification system designed to actually show you bacteria before and after you wash your hands to insure better sanitation.


faucet that shows germs

Designed by Hui-Chuan Ma, Yan-Jang Cheng and Mu-Chern Fong, the ‘Clean Clear’ faucet appeals to a consumer preference for digital integration to help increase health and wellness. If further developed and implemented into public spaces, the ‘Clean Clear’ faucet could help to eliminate preventable deaths from occurring. h/t trendhunter

faucet that shows germs 2

Let’s just hope this brilliant new product is in production for use at fast food eaterys. Because as everybody knows, “employees must wash their hands before leaving the restroom,” the problem is, it’s a rather vague and nebulous phrase which can easily be confused with “must wet their hands before leaving the restroom.”