2016 Academy Award nominee, Charlotte Rampling, says she thinks the proposed boycott of the Oscars over the absence of black actors and directors, is racist toward whites.

In the interview, Rampling, a British actress nominated for her role in “45 Years,” was asked in a radio interview if she felt African-American director Spike Lee was right to pledge to boycott the Oscars over the absence of blacks among the nominees.


Academy Award Charlotte Rampling

“No, I find to the contrary, that it’s racist toward whites,” said Rampling, who is nominated for her role in the British drama “45 Years.” When asked to elaborate, Rampling said “one can never really know,” but that “perhaps sometimes black actors have not earned a place in the final running.” h/t reuters

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Rampling’s comments came amid a wave of protest over the lack of minorities among the major nominees, including the re-emergence on social media of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, which first appeared during the 2015 awards season.