Terror has again struck the nation of Africa, just one week after the ISIS took credit for a series of attacks along the Red Sea.

Friday, gunman associated with Al Qaeda stormed a posh hotel frequented by Westerners in the west African capital of Burkina Faso, killing at least 20. A hostage situation is now playing out with U.S. and French troops aiding in the rescue.



According to the reports, masked assailants forced their way into the Ouagadougou hotel, as car bombs detonated outside, and began to take individuals inside the hotel hostage. Multiple sources have reported that 20 individuals, whose identities and nationalities have not been identified, were killed during the incident and that a shoot-out between security forces and the attackers ensued in an attempt to retrieve hostages. h/t inquisitr

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Witnesses have since claimed that four to six “light-skinned” attackers wearing turbans were holding individuals hostage inside the Splendid Hotel in the Burkina Faso capital.