Holly Holm knocked out heavily favored Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 on Saturday night, dethroning the most dominant figure in combat sports, if not all of sport.

The end came after a Holm kick to the neck caught the UFC golden child while backing up. The anointed one went face first into the canvas on a one-way ticket to dreamland. Until now, Rousey had been enjoying a nothing short of a rocket ship ride to success, in and out — way out — of the ring.


holly holm

“I don’t know! I’m trying to take it in but it’s crazy!” the New Mexico native said through tears immediately after the fight. “I had so much love and support — I just thought how can I not do this with all that support?” she added. “I’m going to call this the greatest upset in UFC history,” color commentator Joe Rogan said. “She fought a perfect fight.” h/t mashable

Holm peppered Rousey from the opening seconds of Round 1, drawing blood in short order with stiff kicks and hammer hands. In desperation, Rousey tried to pull off one of her signature moves, but Holm responded big with merciless punches to the face. It was a non-starter for the favorite as she ended in a world of hurt, blood, sweat and tears. One could almost watch with Rousey as she watched her whole life flash before her.