Gary Miller, who most of us know as Dr. Know of the legendary punk band Bad Brains, is in really bad shape in the hospital.

There are very few details on what exactly is wrong with Dr. Know, but his condition is so severe that he has been placed on life support.


Bad Brains' guitarist Gary Miller aka Dr. Know photos

There is no “official” confirmation of Miller’s health crisis, but many bands have sent out their concern and well-wishes for the Bad Brains guitarist.

Fellow musicians are sharing the sad news and asking for prayers for the 57-year-old guitarist.

Musicians post on Dr. Know's medical condition

Dean Ween has posted on Dr. Know’s sad state, along with Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover, and Black Rock Coalition co-founder Greg Tate.

What is wrong with Dr. Know of Bad Brains?

Apparently many learned of Know’s condition through 24-7 Spyz guitarist Jimi Hazel.

Bad Brains hit the scene in the 1970’s and are considered the founding fathers of the Nardcore movement.

The group brought together punk and reggae, releasing nine studio albums in over 40 years in the music scene.

The group first was formed under the name Mind Power before becoming Bad Brains. They altered their music to be a blend of reggae, metal, punk, jazz, and punk.

We all wish Dr. Know (Gary Miller) well and will update you as more details come out on his current condition.

Here is the video for their 1986 hit record “I Against I”.

Images: PR/Bad Brains