Scarlett Lewis, mother of Jesse Lewis, the first grader purportedly killed along with 25 others after a shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary, has written a book about her experience.

The book, titled, “Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother’s Journey of Hope and Forgiveness,” is receiving a titlewave of one star reviews on Amazon from those who are convinced that the mass murder was in reality, a hoax.


Sandy Hook Mom Scarlett Lewis book Amazon

In the bad reviews, a Youtube video is cited often to bolster the naysayers’ strong opinions, that video is titled, “We need to talk about Sandy Hook.” Here’s a sampling of some of the reviews on Amazon.

“This woman is a liar no child died at Sandy hook. Sandy hook is a hoax, it was staged. Go watch “We need to talk about Sandy Hook” and pay attention. SANDY HOOK WAS A STAGED HOAX NO ONE DIED!”

“Sandy Hoax was a government/CIA Psychological Operation. No one died and no one was hurt.
Step away from the TV, put down the snacks and Google search for “We need to talk about Sandy Hook”. and actually watch it.”

“This is a work of fiction. Scarlett Lewis is a crisis actor, making money out of the staged events at Sandy Hook and her audience’s credulity. The chief purpose of this hoax (like all other staged shootings) is to disarm the American citizenry. Anyone who doubts this would be well-advised to view the film ‘We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook’ (available on Youtube and elsewhere). Unlike this book, the film is not only free, but it has been made by a group of knowledgeable, well-informed people with a genuine interest in the truth.”