David Campbell, longtime host of 89.3 the Current, has resigned effective immediately citing health and workplace issues. He said he has no current plans to work elsewhere.

Campbell, 40, hosted the popular “The Local Show” and “Radio Free Current,” and was the Current’s most public face on the Twin Cities music scene.


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“It should’ve been a dream job, but it felt more like I was drowning there,” Campbell said Friday, shortly after his departure was announced on the Current’s website. “When it comes to just doing an on-air shift like most DJs do, I do great, but not when I have 100 emails to answer and release dates to keep track of and things like that,” he said, specifically homing in on the “Local Show” duties. Jim McGuinn, 89.3’s program director, said in the posting, “We are grateful for his many contributions to the Current and wish him well in his next chapter.” McGuinn’s note goes on to mention that music director David Safar will fill in on the Sunday night “Local Show” for the next two weeks. A Current representative said separately that both the all-local program and “Radio Free Current” will live on without Campbell. h/t startribune

Campbell recently revealed that he suffers from attention-deficit disorder and learning disabilities that are likely the result of several concussions he suffered as a kid while playing hockey. He is also a former alcoholic and has been in recovery since January, 2012.