Lamar Odom‘s chances of recovery have improved dramatically in one very important way, his heart seems to be functioning “much better,” say doctors.

Sources close to Odom say, tests conducted this morning monitoring his heart function have revealed it to be steadily improving.


will lamar odom recover

Doctors have told Lamar’s friends and family this is a good sign of improvement, that a critical organ is responding. Doctors have asked for “calm” in Lamar’s room because they do not want him stimulated …. because non-stimulation promotes healing. Toward that end, doctors have ordered that virtually no one have access to Lamar’s room. We’re told Khloe is still by Lamar’s bedside. h/t tmz

By no means does this mean the athlete is out of the woods medically speaking, as several of his vital organs, including his kidneys, have not yet shown any improvement.