This man went to extremes to gain muscle, and he never even lifted a single weight! All he had to do was empty his bank account on surgeries!

There’s a language barrier in the video below, but if you’re wondering, the man says he is really proud of his new muscles. He said he doesn’t recommend it for other people, but he doesn’t regret it because that’s what he loves.


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Via: Complex: We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here because of the language barrier, and in all honesty, we might be better off that way.

But it seems as though the gentleman in this television interview is actually proud of the cartoonish way he looks, thanks to what are obviously implants of some kind meant to give him an insanely muscular appearance.

Now of course, it would take years of training along with a healthy amount of (illegal) supplements in order to achieve this incredibly jacked look for real. But even if this guy didn’t have time for all that, it’s difficult to imagine how, in his mind, this was the way to go to get a similar feat accomplished.