With the recent spate of shark attacks along the Carolinas comes a new way to enjoy the surf, personal shark cages.

In photos and video shot by local resident MK Rainville, a tourist couple was observed entering the water in their own personal shark cage contraptions.


homemade shark cage couple Carolinas 2

A man and woman can be seen nonchalantly walking into the water encased by homemade shark enclosures. The images were taken at the Ocean Bay Blvd. beach access in Kill Devil Hills and Rainville said the couple was from Richmond.

“They made the ‘shark cages’ at their home out of PVC and painted them to look like steel,” she said. “It was meant to be a joke.” — “We first knew something was up when the wife was taking photos of her husband with the cage and then proceeded to take video,” Rainville said. “I imagine their video will surface soon.” h/t wtvr

The couple told Rainville’s friend that they are from Richmond, so we hope the couple drops us an email and shares their video with us.

homemade shark cage couple Carolinas

On social media, Shannon Broskie indicated that they couple wanted to create this vacation memento.