Sierra McCurdy, the Subway Sandwich employee who celebrated the horrific shooting deaths of two police officers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, has been justly fired.

McCurdy posted the unthinkable message “got em!” to her Facebook followers saturday night. And she also posted threats of “Baltimore”-style rioting and more cop-killings in the area:


Sierra McCurdy facebook

We can turn this bitch into Baltimore real quick. Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, f**k them…NO MERCY! h/t toprightnews

McCurdy’s post is a chilling reminder as to just how many American are in the mindset that the murder of a police officer is worthy of a party.

After the backlash against McCurdy started pouring in, she tried to delete the offence postings and to change her name and privacy level on her Facebook account, but it was too late, the internet discovered where she worked and demanded she be fired, the owners of the Subway franchise agreed.