It’s safe to say that Aaron Hernandez has bigger fish to fry, but you got to wonder just how the jailed baller’s official jail I.D. has made its way to eBay..

Hernandez, who is currently waiting for a jury to decide his fate, must have been robbed while incarcerated.


aaron hernandez jail id ebay 2

Law enforcement confirm the item appears to be a legit identification card from Suffolk County Jail in Mass where Hernandez arrived in July 2014. Starting bid — $500. As for the seller — that person has not revealed his own identity … but explained in the eBay post, “I was in jail with Arron Hernandes [sic] the for patriot super star.. I happen to com [sic] across his jail id.” h/t tmz

Could THIS be when it happened?

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department has so far made no comment.