Not only did Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae, score a private concert by Nicki Minaj as a gift for her sweet sixteen, she also received the “keys” to not one, but two very sweet automobiles..

Wayne bought his daughter a BMW X4, which is considered age appropriate, while his Ex-wife, Toya Carter, bought the 16-year-old a Ferrari 599 GTB.. Enough said.



The BMW X4 xDrive28i has a 240-horsepower four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive, which makes it a great car for a learning driver. The Ferrari 599 GTB has a 612-horsepower V12 engine and rear-wheel drive, which might make it a little hard for a sixteen year old to handle. h/t autoloandaily

Experts agree, a ferrari is not age appropriate for a young girl, no matter how much money you have.