A Georgia couple is in some serious hot water after being accused of inebriating their 2-year-old son with alcoholic beverages.

The mother, Jasmin Briana Moore, of Mableton, and possible father, William Chester Hickson, of Atlanta, were both arrested and charged with first degree cruelty to children after the “mixed drinks” consumed by the toddler caused alcohol poisoning, sending the him to the hospital.



The boy was transported to the hospital after he became unresponsive and stopped breathing with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.29, over three times the legal limit for someone driving in Georgia.

Police say the parents gave the toddler a drink concoction of Coca-Cola and 40 proof Paul Masson Brandy.

Both Moore and Hickson were being held Friday afternoon on $75,000 bond.

h/t myfox8