Some very bad news for musician, Justin Bieber, as he revealed on Twitter that an accident he had while cliff diving today, September 24, has likely left him with a broken eardrum.

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“Busted my ear drum cliff diving. Doc says might need surgery now. Sucks,” the 20-year-old singer tweeted. source

Justin downplayed the accident by talking about plans to release new music as soon as possible, but the reality is, I have a family member who had a broken eardrum and it can be a very serious condition, that sometimes leads to a condition known as, Bell’s Palsy, a form of facial paralysis causing the inability to control facial muscles. At the very least, Bieber’s hearing may never be the same.

“My ear drum might back us up a little but I’m still bringing you this new music. Much love. D–n u cliff diving,” the singer tweeted.

Justin Bieber BREAKS EARDRUM Cliff Diving May Need Surgery