Hannah Graham‘s parents have issued the following statement, via video and transcribed here, concerning the teen’s disappearance.

Hannah Graham Parents Issue Statement


Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. My name is John Graham. I am Hannah’s father. This is Sue, Hannah’s mother, and my wife.

As this nightmare for Hannah, for us, for Hannah’s big brother James, for her grandparents and extended family continues, Sue and I would like to make this statement.

We have been utterly overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit of everybody we have met this week, and many more besides whom we’ve been unable to meet. We understand that over 1000 volunteers took part in yesterday’s search and a similar number of wonderful people are out today looking for Hannah. Sue and I were out searching: so were some of our work colleagues, friends and neighbors from our home and Hannah’s friends from high school and softball team.

But the effort is much wider. Members of the Charlottesville community turned out in force to help. Armies of Hannah’s university friends are helping. I read that a gentleman came from as far away as Baltimore, Maryland to help. Thank you sir. Alexis Murphy’s aunt, Trina, was helping. Thank you ma’am. Sue and I thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

The reason that Hannah has such marvelous support is that this is every parent’s worst nightmare. I am certain that everybody in the room and watching who is a parent knows that what happened to Hannah could happen to their child. We need to find out what happened to Hannah and make sure that it doesn’t happen to anybody else.

You have all read about Hannah I am sure. You will have read that Hannah is a second year student at the university of Virginia, a skier, a musician and a softball player. She likes to help people and is interested in a career helping others. For example, last spring break, instead of hanging around on a beach or sleeping, Hannah spent a week in Tuscaloosa, Alabama contributing to the relief effort after the devastating tornado.

That is one Hannah. But Hannah is also our little girl. Our only daughter and James’ little sister. Hannah is also the oldest granddaughter of both my own parents and Sue’s parents, my parents’ only granddaughter. And while you think of our pain, consider them, an ocean away, not knowing what happened to their cherished granddaughter, Hannah, and unable to help.

Somebody knows what happened to Hannah. And others watching may know something helpful and may not even realize it. We know Hannah was downtown early on Saturday morning. Hannah was distinctively dressed. Did you see Hannah? Do you think you might have seen Hannah? Please, please, please call the tip line with anything that might just help us to bring Hannah home.

Sue and I have received countless messages of support. I would like to read one email we received this morning from one of Hannah’s high school teachers:

“I am sure you are continually being inundated with hundreds of people reaching out daily, but I just wanted to touch base again to express some of my hope and confidence.

Throughout the week as I spoke with Hannah’s friends and teachers, and the countless other people whose lives have been bettered by Hannah’s passion and positivity, one theme shone brightly through each conversation: hope. Not because that’s what people feel like they should say at a time like this, but because of who Hannah is. Hannah is brilliant, resilient, determined, and loves life more than anyone I know. Everyone agrees, if anyone could get through this, it is Hannah.

I’ve been trying to frame my thoughts with the idea that every moment that passes we are one moment closer to having Hannah back. Let’s hope today is the day.”

When I returned home from bringing Hannah to Charlottesville for the start of term last month. I found she left this little guy behind. This is BeBe, Hannah’s white rabbit. He was given to Hannah when she was just one week old by one of my friends. BeBe helped out in Tuscaloosa. And was Hannah’s constant companion, friend and guardian angel until last month. Constant companion, that is, except for about 6 months when Hannah was 3 years old when he was lost at her nursery school. Bebe was found and came home to Hannah and to us.

All we want is to bring Hannah home safely. Please help us.

Thank you. source