Hannah Graham, 18, is the missing University of Virginia student.

A ‘person of interest,’ Jesse “LJ” Matthew, is a 32-year-old nursing assistant who works at UVA hospital. He was spotted in a surveillance video on the night of Graham’s disappearance. Matthew’s told police that he was simply trying to “help” the teen before he saw another man approach her and put his arm around her.


Jesse LJ Matthew hannah graham 2

Matthew’s admitted to buying Hannah Graham drinks but denies having driven off with the 18-year-old in his car.

In the video taken from a pizza shop on Charlottesville’s pedestrian mall last weekend, he is seen stepping into a doorway as Graham walks past him. After she passes, he starts walking behind her..

Jesse LJ Matthew hannah graham

1,000 volunteers joined the search of the University of Virginia student today to search for a sophomore who disappeared a week ago.