It has been revealed today that AGT‘s Nick Cannon is now managing Amber Rose‘s career in a big way which begs the question.. When did all this start? And where the heck is hubby Wiz Khalifa?

Cannon is currently knee deep in the Rose garden, pitching a television series and a book deal for the new mom, a lot more than Wiz has been able to pull off for the wannabe diva.


106 & Park

At first it sounded like a vanity client … Nick repping a former stripper who became famous for dating Kanye and getting pregnant by Wiz. Turns out — with Nick’s help — Amber is now the real deal. We’ve learned her TV deal is a fashion show — not a bash-this-woman type show … it’s more about female empowerment. source

As for the book deal, we know it’s inked but don’t know the story line. Hopefully it’s a coffee table book and not a memoir.

GeeWiz! Mariah, did you heard?