Officials say they have obtained new “enhanced” video that may depict Tony Stewart, “up close,” at the moment he struck Kevin A. Ward as he stood on the race track.

Ward was killed instantly in the horrific incident.


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The Ontario County Sheriff’s Department has officially completed their investigation employing the help of “forensic video enhancement,” recently received from the New York State Police Laboratory in Albany.

The Ontario County Office of Sheriff has completed its investigation into the death of Kevin A. Ward, Jr., which occurred August 9, 2014, at the Canandaigua, New York, Motorsports Park. The entire thorough investigation, including a forensic video enhancement recently received from the New York State Police Laboratory in Albany, has been submitted to the Office of the Ontario County District for review. The District Attorney’s Office, which has been meeting throughout the investigative process with members of the Sheriff’s Office, will make a statement late next week advising what action will be taken regarding the investigation.

The death investigation, along with the new video evidence, has been forwarded to the D.A. who will make a decision in the coming days on whether or not to formally charge Stewart.

It’s unclear what the new enhanced video shows, however, sources say it may show Stewart jog his steering wheel toward Ward.