Tony Stewart return to the track and crashed a little over halfway through his race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Stewart slamed the wall for the second time after his right front tire blew out on lap 172, ending his night. Stewart drove his battered car to the garage and then exited without speaking to reporters.


tony-stewart-kevin-ward-video-youtube 2

Stewart is to race again next weekend in Richmond, Virginia.

“I wish we could have had a better effort and a better finish for him,” Johnston said. “We’ll go on to Richmond and hope we can do better there.” Stewart first went into the wall earlier in Sunday night’s race following a collision with Kyle Busch, requiring work to the right side of his car. “I went into today with some pretty good hopes of finishing well,” Johnston said, adding, “It just didn’t work out.”

Not long after the second crash, Stewart’s car was loaded onto the hauler and the team was packed up and ready to leave.