Ray Rice Elevator Wife Knockout Video SELF-DEFENSE?

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Most men were taught from an early age not to ever hit women, under any circumstances, however, the top comment, as voted by Youtube viewers, says the video depicting Ray Rice knocking out his wife in an elevator was clearly self-defence..

Does the media have it all wrong when judging the public’s outrage over the violent incident?



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“this got overblown so hard imo. she hit him first, so he retaliates lightly, she comes back for more, and he just knocks her out. how the is that not self defense?”

ray rice knockout wife

Talk radio is currently crucifying Ray while the NFL’s Ravens posted the following tweet that seemingly, (and creepily,) blames wifey..

Ray Rice Wife Knockout

What do you think? Self-defense or wife beater?

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  • izzy

    so i assume she should have just said ok spit on me shove me?? did you even watch the video, he clearly starts the altercation by spitting at her then shoving her once in the elevator he again shoves her and punches her, it is then when she charges at him trying to defend herself!!!

  • Graeme Evans

    exactly, and theres no way any organisation would side with a man in a domestic abuse case, the video would have to show her stabbing him repeated before he defended himself before anyone gave a crap about the guy…

  • patat

    Self defense. Some people say you should hug a violent woman and restrain her. Easier said then done even for strong men.a guy is strong and his sister and he got into a fight. she is smaller and quicker and her jabs hurt when he tried to restrain her she slipped off grabed a piece of wood and capped him in the face. Restraining ms. Rice probably would not have worked and probably would have her grab a weapon in her rage. But why would you take a chance at anyone who is charging at you? There is no justification for her to get violent, and he has a right to defend himself with any means nessesary. A right that wil be violated if he is suspended.