Miss USA contestant, Miss Indiana, Mekayla Diehl has sparked a national debate over her uncommon beauty queen frame that clocks in at a sizeable size-4..

Here’s the portly one in her own words via her Facebook About.


miss indiana Mekayla Diehl5

I am Miss Indiana USA 2014!!!! This is my personal page where I will share my adventures and pictures throughout Indiana and along the road to Miss USA!

My Biography

I am a TRUE “Michiana” Girl! I was born in Elkhart, Indiana and raised right on the state line in little Union, Michigan. I come from a family who believes in the American Spirit of Entrepreneurship and hard work.Miss-Indiana-Mekayla-fat

I am a 2011 graduate from Albion College, MI with a Bachelor’s Degree of Liberal Arts in Mass Communication and Psychology. Although I worked one year as a Radio DJ, I found my true passion for fashion and mentoring thru Ashley Rene’s. Last August, I joined the Ashley Rene’s team as the Manager, Marketing Director, and Pageant Consultant. Now that I have finally found my place in the real world, I have decided to reach for the stars and achieve one of my life-long dreams; becoming Miss USA.

I ask that you join me on this journey as Miss Indiana USA to the Miss USA crown and help me make a difference. As a victim of child abuse and an adoptee, I have made it my mission to advocate for Bashor Children’s Home. As Miss Indiana USA, I hope to bring “Help for Today… Hope for Tomorrow” to the local and national level!