We had no idea it was National Jerky Day, but apparently New York City did because they unveiled a jerky 13-foot tall, 17-foot wide Mt. Rushmore replica in Columbus Circle.

The meat-lovers statue is covered in more than 1,600 pounds of Jack Link’s beef, pork and turkey jerky.


Jerky Mount Rushmore

Folks viewing the monstrosity for the first time have met it with a plethora of unsavory comments.

  • Only in NYC

  • Looks like they chose to celebrate world hunger

  • it does celebrate america’s life long relationship with wasting food.

  • Cue PETA in 3…2…1…

  • Gives new meaning to street meat.

  • Meanwhile, it’s some unpaid intern’s job to count all the articles and comments and instagrams to see if trucking this meaty thing cross-country from South Dakota was “a success.” We live in a weird world.

  • huh. f**ken gross.

  • Meanwhile people are starving to death. Literally.

  • The founders would be so proud.

  • Murricaaaaaa!!!
    F**k these idiots.