Floyd Mayweather trying to bang T.I.’s wife, Tiny? We don’t think so.. But T.I. thought so, so much so, he tried to start a fight with the champ..

Floyd-Mayweather-jr-Tiny-t.i. fight fatburger


Do you think this could be one of those “made up” feuds? Comment below!

Floyd has since confirmed, “he does not want to be romantically involved with T.I.’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle” No way, no how.

TMZ says Money is very upset over being falsely accused of any shenanigans, however, we think it’s more pure embarrassment..tiny-ugly-t.i.

And he feels it was ridiculous for T.I. to get mad at him … since it was Tiny’s choice to hangout while in Vegas. We agree.. source