ONLY ON THECOUNT.COM: Check out the list below. It is meant for publishers-only.. Basically, it’s a charting, in order of popularity, of the world’s most shared stories according to Facebook and Twitter combined..



As you can see, Yahoo bought their way to the top of the coveted chart utilizing Facebook’s new “Boost” pay-to-play algorithm..

The problem is, this chart is supposed to give us a general consensus of stories based on popularity. But this isn’t popularity, this is paid for propaganda.

This is not a glitch, it has been going on for weeks, and not just with Yahoo, other major news outlets like the Huffington Post are also Boosting their point of view big time.

yahoo buying facebook likes for articles

In this case, Yahoo blasted the above posts to the tippy-top of the social charts, “Boosting” each story with the exact same amount of Likes. And these Likes don’t come cheap! Good luck competing smaller, more independent outlets!

So much for “word of mouth.” This is pure money to mouth. Which is fine if you’re selling soap..