Who Is Elizabeth Raine?

This is Elizabeth Raine. A 27-year-old who is auctioning something personal.

Elizabeth Raine


Age: 27
Height: 5’10″ (178cm)
Weight: 130lbs (59kg)
Measurements: 34A-26-36
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Nationality: American
Field of Study: Medicine source

An American medical student.

In an effort to cover all her bases, Raine is offering to undertake a complete medical examination.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the highest bidder will not get a good look at Raine’r face.o-ELIZABETH-RAINE-facebook

Due to my wish to remain anonymous, I am not able to share face photos at this time. While I would like to assure you that my face is very pretty, I also do not expect you to take my word for it. I have a set of face photos ready for the final bidder, and once he has seen them he will be given the opportunity to withdraw his bid if he so wishes (for the record, I think this is very unlikely). Until then, I hope these photos and my assurance will be enough to keep you intrigued!


She says, she is a “good girl” – drug-free, excellent grades.

“I value myself enormously, just not for the typical set of reasons. I do not believe it is a sacred gift that should be reserved for the man I love, nor is it a testament to my honor, virtue, or purity (not to say that I am void of these traits). Rather, I value my virginity as something that is very much my own and a testament to my free-spirit and independence.”