You may be wondering why there’s so much being made out of the final known words from the co-pilot of disappeared Malaysian flight MH370. Allow us to explain.. It’s not about what he said, but more about what he didn’t say..



Here’s the end of transcript of what could otherwise be viewed as mundane chatter:

01: 01: 19 ATC: MH370

01: 07: 55 MH370: MH370 remaining in flight altitude 350

01: 08: 00 ATC: MH370

01: 19: 24 ATC: MH370 Please contact Hu Chi Minh City 120.9, good night

01: 19: 29 MH370: All right, good night


Did you catch that? The co-pilot said, “All right, good night,” but it wasn’t about what he said, but what he didn’t say, and that was both his call sign and a confirmation of the instructions he’d just been given, a natural reflex of standard procedure..

The thinking is perhaps the co-pilot was a bit too busy, along with his crew, beginning to switch off transponders and program a new destination into the auto-pilot. At that point, it might have been more along the lines of, Yes, yes, good night. Leave me alone. Of course, this still doesn’t prove anything. It may have just been a momentary lapse or a sign of a tired pilot being a bit lazy in his comms routine. But it’s darned curious to be sure.