Baby North West Growing Antlers?

Is baby North growing antlers? We think the answer to that question is no, but have a look at this recent picture snapped of North West and tell us what you think is on the child’s head. DailyMail reported that they thought it was some kind of party bow, but honestly, it looks more like horns! Or?

north west antlers


A make-up free Kim Kardashian attended a Beverly Hills birthday bash on Saturday with her gorgeous bundle of joy, North.

With her arms full toting her precious cargo, the 33-year-old reality star required the assistance of half-sister Kendall Jenner to help carry in two large black gift-wrapped presents – one of which was visibly labeled to be from the cherubic nine-month-old to their host Sydney.
north west antlers
Her fast-growing daughter was also clad in a simple black smock dress with white shoulder detail, while her look was jazzed up with what appeared to be a sweet little bow in her hair.

Sweet? Are you kidding? It’s downright demonic!