Those WATCHERS On That eBay Auction Are Probably Fake

Exclusivly On THECOUNT.COM: You’d better hurry and “buy it now” on that Beanie Baby Plush toy eBay auction! There’s so many others “watching” and waiting to outbid you! There’s just one little problem, chances are those “watchers” are most likely ebay watchers

Here is a seller appearing on the popular Fiverr website guaranteeing you a bunch of phoney watchers..


I will give you 100 REAL people eBay watchers on one eBay item for just $5!

The watchers will stay on your listing forever!

That’s right! You read it right and it’s not a typo.

One hundred (100) watchers on one eBay items.

50 REAL people eBay watchers on TWO eBay items

Unlike other sellers who use BOT to add watchers, my watchers will be added one by one manually! I may not have the fastest delivery time, but I provide the most realistic and safest watcher service.

I ALWAYS deliver on time.
Please add $5 extra if you want your watchers extra fast. (in 24 hours)

Additional Service:
I will give you 10,000 eBay views for $5. You can split them into 5000/5000 for 2 listings. Please make sure you have a view counter on your listing.

Nice little scam eBay has going on here! Has it ever tricked you into buying products on eBay?