Kenya Moore had a rough welcome to The Real Housewives of Atlanta last season, and even though we thought she mellowed out a bit and seemed to find her way at the start of Season 6, her co-stars see things differently.Kenya-Moore-After-Her-New-Years-Eve-Celebrations-1388698774


NeNe Leakes has made no secret of the fact that she and Kenya are currently on very bad terms, and even though Kenya and Porsha Stewart bonded in Savannah when they were the only two ladies brave enough to kill the flying cockroach that interrupted the housewives’ gourmet meal, Porsha recently revealed on Bethenny that the two are “not really” friends.

We’ll let Porsha explain. “Even though it’s a show, I enjoy genuine friendships, genuine relationships, and if I can’t feel that with you then it’s just like a waste of time. I really don’t have time for fake friends,” she told Bethenny.

We know that it many ways Porsha and Kenya are like oil and water, but after seeing them work together to kill the roach a few episodes ago, we were holding out hope that they might be able to set their differences aside and become friends, especially since both of them seem to be in hot water with some of their RHoA co-stars.

As we mentioned above, Kenya and NeNe are currently feuding while NeNe has often accused Porsha of being a “bad friend.”

Do you think Porsha and Kenya will ever bury the hatchet once and for all? Check out the clip and vote below!