Truckers Join ”Boycott Cracker Barrel” After Phil Robertson BAN

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The Cracker Barrel restaurant chain has become the first sponsor to cut ties with “Duck Dynasty” over anti-gay comments, and now every one from truckers to internet types are calling for a boycott.

Cracker Barrel has removed Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty themed products from stores and restaurants over concern they might offend some of their guests.




TMZ called several Cracker Barrel locations, and the managers told the gossip website the products that were removed were the ones that depicted Phil’s face on the packaging.

C.B. offers this explanation … “We operate within the ideals of fairness, mutual respect and equal treatment of all people. These ideals are the core of our corporate culture.”

As for most of the remaining products, folks can find them in the sale bin, says TMZ.

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  • James Wilson

    Freedom of speech is for everyone whether you like what they say or not. If it offends you so what! Remember sticks and stones can break your bones but words won’t. That being said, Homosexual lifestyles are disgusting.

  • lafrikone

    Then Cracker Barrel may be just that i guess but it’s still a private business who does as they please and thatyou can boycott like people seem to be willing to do.

  • lafrikone

    CRacker Barrel did just that. They chose not to do business with Phil based on his stand that they don’t condone.

  • Chris998

    The worse part is, they know the majority of their customers are Christian! I feel as you do the front door sign should read. Christians need not dine! Duck them!

  • Chris998

    Is Cracker Barrel serving cold first Amendment and religous suppression today? As far as i’am concerned they just ducked themselves.

  • DixT

    I still will NEVER return to eat at Cracker Barrell, no matter if they back-down due to their crumbling “profit margin.” They will ALWAYS hold these views about us “commoners.”

  • DixT

    I wonder how many gays actually eat at Cracker Barrel, compared to us “common folk???” I’ll wager there were more of us eating there, than there were gays!!!! However, WE will no longer be eating at Cracker Barrell—-EVER!

  • Justavet

    No, I am not a hypocrite, they chose the course against the DD merchandise, yet they still accept the Capital One Credit Cards. I choose not to do business with them based on their stand. I also have choosen not to watch A & E. I am supporting my belief system with my wallet in a consistent manor. Look up the word hypocrite.

  • DixT

    The “same rules of play” should apply to ALL—not just a selected few! To be selective about the stars one bans, is to believe in INEQUALITY!!!

  • MargaretM

    Cracker Barrel’s lack of priciples redlects its rudderlessness. The original owner died, current chairman is from England, and an iranian Muslim is buying up shares, trying desperately to get a controlling position on the board. Sardar Biglari owns Steak n’ Shake and Western Sizzle restaurants.cracker Barrel is a corporate entity wih a veneer of homey Americana, and is more attuned to the political winds which may affect its earnings. Don’t support these frauds. Go buy some Under Armour and find a nice Mom’n Pop restaurant for breakfast- if there are any left in your area. Once the likes of this joint spring up, most real, family-run business have been pushed out of business.

  • lafrikone

    since when people can’t pick and chose? That’s what you’re doing right now by picking and choosing not to go to cracker barrel lol. are u an hypocrite too?

  • lafrikone

    Nice. I think i’ll be eating at Cracker Barrel non stop now with A&E always playing at home. Feels good to support those institution.

  • sherri james

    thanks for letting us know how you feel about christians we will be sure to stay real clear from now on

  • William Walkingstick

    I rate Cracker Barrel, President Obama and A & E about a minus -8. NOW its DISNEY we must boycott….WAKE UP. Disney owns A & E. We can bring Disney to its knees! WE CAN WIN THIS!
    So, what is next, burning all copies of the Christmas Classic by Charles Dickens which concludes with, “GOD BLESS US, EACH AND EVERY ONE”? Gestapo comes to your house and demands all books, dvd, and any other publication of A CHRISTMAS CAROL…This has been a standard since 1862 and now it is not politically correct. I dont think so. BOYCOTT DISNEY NOW.

  • Justavet

    I want to know why cracker Barrel didn’t ban the use of Capital One credit cards when Alec Baldwin made an obvious homosexual slur? You can’t pick and choose Cracker Barrel, you are hypocrites of the first order. I will never darken the door of one of Cracker Barrel’s establishments again.

  • Dave

    I won’t be watching A&E or going to Cracker Barrel anymore. It’s about time for us to stand our ground before it’s too late and it might be too late already. You had better speak out now because look what has happened in this country already because you kept your mouths shut. From now on I’m going to pay attention to what is going on around me and I hope you do to. I don’t need immorality to teach me morality!!!!!!!

  • Paul Rosplock

    it turns my stomach that a behavior and sin like homosexuality is being talked about like its a race of people they are NOT!

  • Robert

    When we travel to hunt test and dog shows we have in the past stopped to eat and shop at Cracker Barrel. In the future we will look for other places to spend our money instead of C.B.

  • Judith

    Cracker Barrell was so concerned with offending the lesbian and gay community that they forgot to even think about how their actions would offend Christians. I find it really sad that Cracker Barrell is more concerned with offending the lesbian and gay community than standing up for Christ. The Bible is VERY clear on homosexuality. It is a sin! All Phil was doing was standing up for Christ, his beliefs, and sharing the Word of God. “Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

  • masshole

    I never thought id see the day when it became a cival right to stick your dick in another guys butthole.

  • Jk

    I was planning to do some Christmas shopping there on Monday. I have shopped there for years! But nope, not going to.

  • tandl theD’s

    My family will boycott Cracker Barrel!

  • pdiddy13

    As long as i’m the co-ordinate for our groups quarterly get-togethers, they will never occur at CB. We’ve ordered three times in the two years for there platters. No more. Our business doesn’t allow anti- religion literature or behavior, so Anti-Christian CB you’re out.

  • Susan

    Well, as far as I am concerned, I will NEVER go to Cracker Barrel again!!! The free market system will let them know real quick how we feel about their stupid decision to cut ties with “Duck Dynasty”.

  • sue

    My family and I will not go to Cracker Barrel until Duck Dynasty is put back on shelves. Come on freedom of speech Americans, lets take a stand. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!