Singer Ariana Grande getting the thrill of her young life, getting a surprise smooch from Justin Bieber! Okay so it may be just a kiss on the cheek but that’s how a lot of movies begin! That and a pizza delivery man showing up at the door..tLtGwT6 (1)

The singers snapped the selfie and posted it on Instagram.


“I think [fans] had trended #JustinAndArianaSelfie or something like that, so I was like, ‘we have to do this.’ Justin was like ‘Yo, let’s take a picture,'” Grande said. “And so I took out my phone and I went like this and I was just smiling and he kissed me on the cheek.”

Grande said she got all choked up after the kiss! Very interesting!

“And I didn’t know what to do. I just walked out of the room. I got shy,” Grande said. “And then [Justin’s manager] Scooter came after to me and said, ‘Justin says you have to post that picture.’

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