Not only did Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather host 6 of his girlfriends to his winning pugilistic effort last night, he also bought each of the ladies a beautiful and expensive gown just for the evening’s events!

Our friends at MTO compiled the women in this easy to follow gown-a-rama girlfriend-go-around!


mayweather gfFloyd has SO MANY GFs, they won’t all fit on one photograph!

mayweather gf2

Floyd is curently in a relationship with SIX women. They all are very happy and COMFORTABLE sharing the champ – and are friends with each other. Last night, Floyd gave EACH WOMAN a special one of a kind gown for fight night. Which one do you like best.

I guess money buys you almost anything these days! Scratch that, money DOES buy you everything! Including an undefeated record!

Mayweather may have imported 6 women to join him for the big fight, but later on Money was spotted in his dressing room with his number 1 lady..