If you believe the reports, George Zimmerman, the man accused and acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, is about to go back on the market, as in a single man..

The neighborhood watchman is about to be served with divorce papers compliments his wife.


Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney says his client is preparing to file for divorce. He did not say the papers have been filed yet.

Just last month, Shellie told ABC she was thinking about splitting from George now that the Trayvon trial was over — and that they’d been having problems since before the shooting. TMZ


Shellie is only 26 so she has lots of time to start making new friends but only after she distances herself from George.. Then maybe a career in Hollywood? Become a Scientologist? Who knows? The world’s her oyster! As for George, sadly, right or wrong, he will forever walk around with a huge target on his back.