Justin Bieber got attacked at a Canadian nightclub by a drunken reveler who tried to lay hands on the singer. Reports TMZ.

Bieber was doing his nightly club thing, and by nightly, I mean morning-ly, 3am-ISH at a Toronto nightclub when sources say the Boyfriend singer left a VIP section and made his way into general population – and that’s when an unidentified male partygoer charged him, attempting to take JB down to the ground.. Maybe to dance the worm..


In these pics you can see security rushing in to pull the guy off Bieber. JB was seen throwing kicks from the ground..0831 justin bieber tmz club 2 BIEBER BEAT DOWN AT CANADIAN CLUBThe attacker was escorted out of the club. Police were never called.

JB and his crew also made a hasty retreat.

Okay, so one question, is Bieber is even supposed to be in these clubs? Because of his age? Why is everyone turning a blind eye to this fact?