The NY Daily News is reporting, model of the moment, Kate Upton is pregnant! I promise, I will save you the fat jokes but I will say this, with Upton’s stature, it’s a bit hard for me to tell for sure – at this point – 8 months along, maybe..

DailyNews: Upton and Chmerkovskiy were still on the party circuit [Sunday] night, this time hitting a VMA party at Little Italy hotspot Goldbar.


“There was lots of P.D.A.,” says one insider. Tongues started wagging when some guests said a glowing Upton, still wearing white, appeared to have been sporting a baby bump. Speculation was further fueled by the fact the 21-year-old model didn’t drink booze at the bash.

Can you just imagine what Kate Upton would look like 7 months pregnant? More specifically her chest? OMG?