Tornado looters have descended on Moore, Oklahoma, from as far away as NYC! Stealing anything they can get their grubby little hands on! Mainly valuables and personal effects from victims of last month’s devastating tornado.



Authorities say they have reports of tornado looters stealing copper wire, scrap metal, and valuables from homes destroyed in the May 20 tornado. These looters have been found along the path of the tornado where 24 people lost their lives as they attempt to steal from what is left of the homes.

Police arrested one tornado looter from Elmhurst, New York, and others from Virginia on misdemeanor counts of stealing. Several Moore residents have been arrested as well.

One woman, Norma resident Maria Lopez, even got her children in on the act, police said. She was arrested May 29 after members of the National Guard and local residents told police they saw a woman instructing her children to sort through the debris for valuables.

Police arrested three men from Virginia with a truck full of scrap metal and other items stolen from homes. The men told police they they drove hundreds of miles for the sole purpose of looting in the wake of the tornado.

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