Welcome to your imagination.. The following is a written description of what the jurors actually look like and Jodi Arias murder trial. One question, where are all the minorities? So what, there’s not a lot of black people and Mexicans in Arizona? Come again?

jodi arias before and after 3


Juror 1

White Female, in her 60s

Short dark hair, wears glasses

Sat closest to the witness stand

Did not look at Arias during her testimony

Yawned during an emotional part of Arias’ testimony

Juror 2

White Male, in his 50s

Salt and pepper hair

Took a few notes

Cupped his head in his hand as he listened to testimony

Juror 3

White Female, in her 40s

Brunette with bangs

Took a lot of notes

Watched the prosecutor as he moves about the courtroom

Observed submitting questions

Juror 4

White Male, in his 60s


Took a few notes

Juror 6

White female, in her 60s

Hair is cut short brown with blonde streaks

Was a prolific note taker

Juror 7

White male, in his 30s


Dark brown hair

Took some notes

He is a nail biter

Juror 9

White male, in his 60’s

Long white hair is worn in a ponytail

Wore denim most days

Sat at the end of the jury box furthest from the witness

Sat closest to the first row of the gallery where Alexander’s family sits

Juror 12

White Male, in his 40’s

Receding brown hair

Favors polo shirts and khakis

Occasionally took notes

Juror 13

White Male, is late 20s to early 30s

Appears to be the youngest member of the jury

Took only a few notes

Smiled when Martinez asked Arias if she could predict the future

Juror 14

White Male, in his early 60s

Balding, and wears glasses

He swiveled in his chair often

Smokes cigarettes

Did not appear to be take notes

Juror 16

White female, in her 40’s

Dark reddish brown hair with bangs

Wears glasses

Took notes

Swiveled in her chair in direction of Arias during her testimony

Juror 18

White Male, in his 70s


Possibly former military

Has a tattoo on right arm above the wrist

Only took a few notes

The alternates:

Juror 10

White female, in her 40s

Sat in the second row next to a column

Occasionally took notes

Her Gaze wandered over the gallery during sidebar

Juror 15

White male, in his late 60’s/early 70’s

Wears audio-enhancing headsets provided by the court

Took notes

Observed submitting questions

Juror 17

White Female, in her 30s


Prolific note taker

Appears to suffer from a cold or allergies

Sat in one of the most distant seats from the witness stand

Did not gaze at Arias during her testimony and tended to look straight ahead or down at her notes

Observed submitting questions

The jurors dismssed from the case:

Juror 5

She is a married, white female in her 30s. She sat on the edge of her seat and is the most visible juror from the gallery because she had a “unique hair style.”

Juror 5 got the boot the first week of April after the defense charged that she was “not fair and impartial” when she made some undisclosed statements related to the trial.

Juror 8

He is a white male in his 50s and is married. He also took notes and had been observed submitting questions. Juror 8 was removed from the panel for unknown reasons. However, he was recently arrested DUI, and he made an appearance in court for closing arguments.

Juror 11

Juror No. 11 was released from service earlier this month due to illness. An HLN producer inside the courtroom says Juror No. 11 was the only juror who appeared to be a minority. He is Hispanic and has a long ponytail.