Selena Gomez’ is conducting a serious whirlwind of press promoting her new movie, Spring Breakers, and that’s all well and fine, but did the 20-year-old actress really HAVE to bring up her prior relationship with Justin Bieber AGAIN? Well I guess she does if she wants to get booked…article-2297665-18DD0782000005DC-711_640x396


Let’s face it, no one really cares anything about Selena’s life, as far as an interview goes, they just want the dirt on Biebs… A bonafide superstar… What is Selena? Super single?


She took while the taking was good, however now, she felt the need to again out Bieber, this time by confirming how much she enjoys life without him, all this while appearing on the Chelsea Lately show.

‘I really love being single!’

Really Selena? Alright already! Don’t forget the AA batteries on your way home!